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How we think

We are the region's foremost human capacity building and solution brokering organization in Northeast India.


The Avenues Business Consulting division provides proficient, affordable and extensive support to various government and private agencies in domains ranging from capacity building to data collection, analysis and reports, tele-calling operations, community surveys, project framework designs and region-specified media and advertising strategies.

How we operate

In our heartfelt commitment to serve the people of Northeast, whatever we set out to do – big or small – is tethered to our vision of a better future for our people and our region. We are constantly transitioning and growing through engaging twists and turns as we learn to embrace disruption with patience and agility.

Our philosophy
Our values
Our people

We draw on our network to assemble a team of experienced professionals to match the competencies required.


At the heart of our Business Consulting division, are the people and leaders on our team who have shaped significant careers in social impact, skills development, youth engagement and data-driven interventions, spanning close to 2 decades of pioneering work in North East India.

Our Business Consulting team understands local challenges and community specific nuances that have emerged from years of alliance building with key stakeholders.

Our people

Mark Laitflang Stone

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Mark’s success story as the spearhead behind one of Northeast India’s foremost social enterprises adds a unique and insightful element to projects. He has a proven track record in seamlessly and efficiently overseeing multiple and large-scale projects across diverse domains over the years ranging from capacity building to social impact frameworks, telecom distribution to survey operations, communication to social media management and new media operations.

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Raj Kharmih

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Raj’s career spans 19 years across domains as diverse as Banking & Finance, Telecom, Web Tech, Content Curation & Design. His extensive experience weaves its way into each of his projects to deliver relevance and impact. Under his leadership, Meghalaya’s flagship Soft Skills intervention for Tribal Youth, Aspire Meghalaya, has been recognized as a benchmark project by the State Government covering over 5,000 beneficiaries.

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Daphishisha Kharhujon


As the face of our community-focused mandates, Daphi has successfully planned, overseen, and managed numerous interventions not just within Meghalaya but other states in the North East as well. Armed with a Master’s in Sales & Marketing and a natural knack for seeing through local nuances in the communities that we serve, Daphi’s passion for inspiring youth is evident in the way she carries herself and modelling true professionalism while at the same time maintaining a strong connect both at an individual and group level.


Jasmine Laitphlang Stone

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Jasmine leads the Training & Life Coaching interventions that have propelled Avenues into domain leadership over the course of a significant decade in North East India. Armed with degrees in Philosophy and Education, Jasmine has committed her career to exploring strategies and pedagogies that address the gaps in formal education, empowering students and youth with career competencies and life skills.


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Mac Donald Lyngdoh

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Over the course of his journey with us, Mac has displayed unparalleled growth from a Senior Faculty Member of our Coaching Division to leading our Helpline Operations. In addition to overseeing quality assessments, process training, data analysis and reports of the Meghalaya State Covid-19 Helpline 14410 and Survey Operations, Mac also functions as our liaison with State Departmental Heads. His organisational abilities, rapport-building with people and analytical skills play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of the 14410 Helpline.

Guarav Gurung.jpg

Gaurav Gurung

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With over 15 years behind him with multiple MNCs including Facebook, IBM and American Express, in various roles under Training and Operations, Gaurav has travelled extensively throughout the State to impart learners and working professionals with basic life skills and soft skills. Gaurav’s keen analytical skills, ability to see, understand and convey the bigger picture and the attention-to-detail that large-scale information-gathering exercises ensure that each survey operation is meticulously planned and executed.

Kenny Synjri.jpg

Kenny Synjri

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Under Kenny’s leadership and his penchant for detail, the Skills Development Division of Avenues has seen through several work orders covering over 20,000 beneficiaries over his tenure. Awarded the Rector’s Gold Medal for his Masters Degree in Business Administration from the North Eastern Hill University, Kenny plays a key role in leading, managing, formulating and deploying seamless data processes for client-facing operations.

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Dapjingkyrmen Lyngdoh

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With a critical set of unmatched skills and expertise coupled with over 9 years of experience in Data Management operations, Dap plays a key role in analysing, managing, formulating and deploying seamless data processes for our Helpline and Survey divisions. His penchant for detail in report designing adds invaluable clarity and insight helping our clients to easily comprehend complex data stories before arriving at strategic decisions.


North East India First!

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