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We place you at the center of an extensive network of committed and experienced professionals who make it their purpose to help you succeed.

About us

Avenues’ experiences over the last 21 years in large-scale, data-driven implementations of state-wide mandates and community projects have helped us build unparalleled management competencies in diverse fields across Northeast India.

Inspired by its rich experience and deep connections with the grassroots communities to formulate clear strategies, seamless methodologies, maintain data hygiene and drive employment opportunities for local youth, Avenues finds itself in a unique position to offer its expert services to implement large scale projects.

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Survey Operations

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Helpline Operations

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  1. COVID-19 Related Support

  2. State Implementation of Cloud-based Tele-Med Helpline

  3. Meghalaya Skills Survey Framework

  4. Meghalaya Economic Survey 2020

  5. Surveys for Megha LAMP Survey 2020

  6. Surveys for Meghalaya State Rural Livelihood Society

  7. Meghalaya 14410 COVID-19 State Helpline Operations

  8. Meghalaya State Tourist Helpline Operations


Who we work with

Avenues’ unique experience in managing a diverse portfolio of projects in collaboration with a wide range of interest groups across Northeast India makes us an ideal partner for promoting progress in the region.

Over the course of the last 21 years, the ambit of our proficiency has extended to include capacity-building programmes, data-driven state-wide mandates and community-based interventions, in addition to our Life Coaching division, helping us becoming the go-to brand for large scale community projects.

With the emergence of the 2020 global pandemic, Avenues’ competencies in the areas of survey operations, data analysis, report designing, process training and tele-calling operations, have been meaningfully leveraged by local authorities and the Meghalaya State Government to augment governance capacities.

We believe Team Avenues is best placed to assist the government, organisations and corporate entities in creating and deploying deliberate initiatives that align with their objectives.




Rural Development

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